Frequently Asked Questions

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Can my pet catch coronavirus?
How can I protect my pet from getting coronavirus?
Can my pet carry the virus in its fur?
Do you recommend my pet wear a mask?
Are the locations where you source your ingredients from safe for pets to eat?
Should I still take my dog for a walk?
Can I still care for my pet if I am sick?
Is there a risk my pet could get coronavirus from your food?
I can’t find my usual food in any shops, what’s happened?
I can't get my usual food. Is it OK for me to switch diet?
I’m worried about my personal situation and not being able to get enough food for my pet – what do you suggest?

The WALTHAM® Centre For Pet Nutrition

What is the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition?
What is the PEDIGREE® Brand's connection to the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition?
Does all science and innovation for the PEDIGREE® Brand originate at the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition?

PEDIGREE® Food for Dogs Dry Product Development

Why did the PEDIGREE® Brand decide to develop these products?
What types of products are included in the dry product line?
What changes have you made to the ingredients to improve the PEDIGREE® Recipes?
Can all breeds of dogs eat the PEDIGREE® Dry Recipes?
Why are there two different formulas for different size dogs?
Where can I go if I have questions?

PEDIGREE® Dry Product Ingredients

I've heard I should not feed my dog food with corn in it. Is this true?
I've heard that most dogs are allergic to corn and wheat. Will my dog develop these allergies if I feed him food that contains one or both of these?
What are meat by-products? Why are they used in dog food?
I've heard that I should only feed my dog food that has "meat" listed as the first ingredient. Is this true?
What is meat meal?
Does the PEDIGREE® Brand use fillers in its food?
Why are artificial preservatives (BHA and BHT) included in PEDIGREE® Products?
Can I feed my dog expired food?
What is the shelf life of PEDIGREE® Dry Products?
What is the shelf life of PEDIGREE® Wet Products?
Are artificial food colorings safe for pets?

Essential Needs

Why is pet oral health important?
What can pet owners do to take care of their dog's teeth?
Why is caring for the skin and coat important?
Why are Linoleic Acid and Zinc important to skin & coat health?
Why is it important to protect a dog's immune system?
Why are Vitamins E and C important to immunity defense?
What ingredients in the improved formula promote healthy digestion?
I've been feeding my dog the same food for years. I'm worried about upsetting his stomach by switching to a new food.

About the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive

What is The PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive?
How can I get involved?

The PEDIGREE® Foundation

What is The PEDIGREE Foundation?
Why did the PEDIGREE® Brand create The PEDIGREE Foundation?
Do all the proceeds from The PEDIGREE Foundation go directly to dog shelters?