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Chat Drama? Time to Unleash Our Zero-Drama Stickers.

Mama driving you loco? Tardy BFFs? Cleaning woes? Our Zero-Drama Stickers are especially designed to stop every kind of chat drama before it becomes a full-on telenovela. Next time your text chat starts to get dramatic, text 1-8336-0-DRAMA on WhatsApp and we'll send you a Zero-Drama Sticker, so your group can tune back into what's good.

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Text 1-8336-0-DRAMA on WhatsApp to bring some good into your chat.

Hit Us Up

Here's how to get in touch with our Pedigree bot and score some Zero-Drama Stickers.

  • Pedigree chat bot chatting in smartphone - message saying Hola. My BFF is tripping about me always arriving late. SOS

    Step Uno:

    Make sure you have 1-8336-0-Drama saved in your contacts before messaging us. Then, text us on WhatsApp whatever drama is driving you mad, guilt-tripping abuelas, music squabbles, even holiday hang ups, our Pedigree bot does not judge.

  • Pedigree chat bot chatting in smartphone - message saying Running on island time? No te preocupes, share with Zero-Drama sticker to bring good times to the chat. And you want access to ALL Zero-Drama Stickers, click the sticker to download the pack on

    Step Dos:

    We’ll reply with a Zero-Drama Sticker bespoke to your drama. But don’t stop there, feel free to text us with more drama or ask us to surprise you with Zero-Drama Stickers, even exclusive access to the entire collection.

  • Pedigree chat bot chatting in smartphone - message saying jajaja, where did you get that? I'm literally dying of laughter

    Step Tres:

    Copy the Zero-Drama Sticker and text in your WhatsApp chat to inject some good vibes. Or you can also click the Zero-Drama Sticker to download the pack from, and access it from there, as well.

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Want All Zero-Drama Stickers?

Simply follow the links to get exclusive access to our entire bespoke collections - Collection 1 and Collection 2.

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More Dogs. Less Drama

Whether it's group chat struggles or day-to-day locuras, dogs are the perfect escape from all telenovela-type dramas.

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Dogs > Drama

Every now and then life becomes a telenovela, but dogs tune us into what's good, again and again.

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