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One True Loyalty FAQ:


Should I use my phone or a computer to apply for the rebate?

You can use either, but a phone with a camera will make it super easy to submit your receipts.

What if there's a problem with any of my receipts?

What if I make a mistake while uploading a receipt?

What if I'm having trouble participating in the program?

What if I no longer want to participate in the program or receive emails from PEDIGREE®?


Does it matter where I adopt my dog from?

As long as you adopt from a reputable shelter or rescue program, you’re good to go. Our team knows who those organizations are and will reach out to you if we have any questions.

What are valid dates for my adoption receipt?

What information should be included on my adoption receipt?

What if my adoption receipt doesn't include the address and phone number of the shelter or rescue program?

What if I adopt more than one dog?


What do I have to buy?

It’s simple! All you have to do is purchase $25 or more of qualifying PEDIGREE® products from Dollar General between 5/1/22 and 12/31/22. Keep your original receipts; you’ll need to submit them by 1/31/23 as proof of purchase.


If you’re not a Dollar General customer, don’t worry! You can still participate by making your purchase from any other retailer between 7/1/22 and 10/31/22, as long as you submit your receipts no later than 11/30/22.

What are valid dates for my dog food receipts?

What information should be included on my product receipts?

Can I submit more than one dog food receipt?

Can I submit receipts from online purchases?


What are my rebate options?

We have a few easy options. You can receive your rebate:


1) As a check sent in the mail.


2) As a deposit into your PayPal account.


3) As a prepaid Visa® gift card sent in the mail. (Dollar General customers only).

How much will my rebate be?

How quickly will I get my rebate?

What if I don't get a rebate-confirmation email?

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