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Over 6.5 million animals enter U.S. shelters every year.
Only about half get adopted.

As providers of food and affection for pets, PEDIGREE® is committed to helping every animal find a loving family. That’s why we’ve already donated $850,000 to shelters in 2019. You can help more dogs find their forever homes by donating to the PEDIGREE® Foundation, or adopting a new best friend.


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Katherine Schwarzenegger and dog

Katherine Schwarzenegger knows how different her life would’ve been if she hadn’t rescued her dog Maverick. Listen as she interviews her friends and reveals the heart-warming stories of the dogs that stole their hearts, brought out the best in them and changed their worlds forever.

Katherine is a New York Times best-selling author, lifestyle blogger, philanthropist and pet adoption advocate.

Mandy Moore

Actress and singer Mandy Moore joins Katherine to talk about the challenges of owning a puppy, the adorable personalities of all of her animals, and how her pets have gotten her through tough moments in her life.

Bryce Dallas Howard

In this episode, actress and director Bryce Dallas Howard joins Katherine to discuss her love for animals – starting from childhood, the lessons her dogs have taught her and the heroic effort from one of her dogs that saved her little brother.

Dan Lasko

United States Marine Corps veteran featured in a previous PEDIGREE® brand commercial, Dan Lasko, talks with Katherine about how a service dog helped him re-adjust when coming home and how he’s paying it back with a house full of adopted pups.

Katherine Schwarzenegger and dog in pedigree outfit

Katherine Schwarzenegger

Haylie Duff

Actress, singer and television host Haylie Duff talks with Katherine about her love for rescuing dogs, funny moments when introducing her pups to her baby and how her daughter is learning about pet adoption.

Minka Kelly

Actress Minka Kelly discusses with Katherine the passing of her beloved dog, finding a new pup to join her life and the compassion that dogs provide every day.

Julianne Hough

Dancer, actress and singer, Julianne Hough joins Katherine to talk about her house full of dogs and how adopting dogs at different stages in her life has impacted her relationships with them.

Katherine Schwarzenegger in podcasting studio

Deb Fair

Executive Director of PEDIGREE® Foundation, Deb Fair talks with Katherine about raising her three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, dressing them up for holidays and tips for bringing a new dog home.

LeAnn Rimes

Singer, actress and author, LeAnn Rimes talks to Katherine about her love for adopting dogs (once owning seven dogs at one time!), the relationships of her pets and the recent adoption of her family’s new dog, Fleetwood.

Judy Fridono

Judy Fridono, Owner of Ricochet – the surfing therapy dog and star of the new IMAX® film, Superpower Dogs – talks with Katherine about therapy and service dogs, Ricochet’s remarkable journey and the amazing abilities of all dogs.

The Program

When in-person adoption visits started to decline due to COVID-19, the PEDIGREE® brand partnered with shelters around the country to find a solution. We called it Dogs on Zoom. By setting up video chat meetings between shelters and potential pet parents, we helped make more adoptions possible.

Download our Dogs on Zoom Toolkit to learn how to create a video adoption session of your own.

Forever Loyal: The Lifelong Benefits of Having a Dog

Jul 28, 2020, 06:53 AM
SEO Description : Discover why having a loyal dog leads to a lifetime of benefits including mentally, physically, and for your work life balance.
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Discover why having a loyal dog leads to a lifetime of benefits including mentally, physically, and for your work life balance.

Dogs’ loyalty is legendary. It seems their sole mission in life is to make ours better. This loyalty has many benefits in all parts of our lives, and some we might not even recognize. So call Fido into the room so you can read this together.


dog on walk

Love Is Good for Your Heart

Dogs offer ample opportunities to increase our physical activities, whether they’re getting us off the couch to play tug-of-war, take a bathroom-break walk around the block or run by our side. Studies show that some of the benefits of pet ownership include decreased blood pressure and lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.1


girl kissing lab

Smile, You’ve Got Dog

A dog’s loyalty is stronger than a month of bad Mondays. They’re like a furry mental mood boost whose goal is to make stress, anxiety and sadness disappear faster than a piece of bacon put in front of them. Take two tummy rubs and call us in the morning.


dog with family at picnic

Meet My Human

Your best friend helps you make new friends. Dogs are great at increasing our social interactions: going for walks around the neighborhood, meeting new people at the dog park. And who hasn’t had a conversation with someone who’s asked to pet your doggo because “they’re soooo cute”? Well, they are.


white golden retriever

Bring Your Dog to Work Day: AKA “Every Day”

Dogs are great for playtime, but they can also improve our work. Studies have found that bringing your dog to work can lower stress while boosting productivity and job satisfaction.2 Plus, dog coworkers never reheat fish in the microwave.

This is just the tip of the snout when it comes to all the ways dogs’ loyalty improves our lives. All are also reasons why the PEDIGREE® brand works so hard to promote adoption — so more pooches and people can share this love.

We’ll leave you with these lines from poet Lord Byron’s epitaph to his loyal pup Boatswain:

But the poor Dog,
in life the firmest friend,
The first to welcome,
foremost to defend,
Whose honest heart is still his Master’s own,
Who labours, fights, lives, breathes for him alone.

Sniff. Sorry, got something in our eye.



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