Apps for dogs (and dog owners)

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There’s no doubt that we live in an app-crazed world. Actually, the phrase “app-dependent world” may be more accurate. Whether you have an Apple, Windows, or Android device, as soon as you first turn on your new smartphone or tablet, you notice all the preinstall apps. And then there are the other apps you download in the days, weeks, and months to come. And, yes, there are apps that are especially interesting to us as dog owners.

Dog-related apps fall into two categories: First, there are apps that help dog owners manage the care and well-being of their canine companions. And there are apps that may just be of interest to our dogs! Let’s take a brief look at both types of apps.

Apps for dog owners

Pet Services Finder by PetMD. This handy app provides a wealth of information about pet-related services near you. From veterinarian offices and groomers to dog parks and dog walkers, this app conveniently puts the info at your fingertips. Available for iOS devices.

iCam. When you’re at work, do you wonder what your pooch is doing back home? iCam can be your eyes and ears because it works with your computer’s webcam to give you a live feed. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Pet Phone. In our busy lives, keeping track of your many pets’ vet appointments and medicine schedules can be daunting. This helpful app comes to the rescue by syncing with your device’s calendar to give you reminders. Available for iOS devices.

Spending on My Dog. In a world where expenses seem to only go up, it’s important to make budgets for everything—including our pets. With this app, you’ll be able to better manage your pet-related expenses and stay on your doggie budget. Available for Android devices.

Pet First Aid. Try as you might to keep your pet safe from harm, things happen. And when you need emergency and first-aid information, you want it quickly. This app features articles, detailed how-to videos and illustrations to help you and your pet when you need it most. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Tagg. Do you have a dog that is prone to exploring the neighborhood on his own? This app works with a GPS-based device that you put on your dog’s collar. Tagg lets you track you dog if he wanders away. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Apps for dogs (more or less)

Games for Dogs. The pet-friendly app makers at Airship Software have created a suite of fun games you can play with your pet. Games include Squeaky Spot, Squirrelly Sam, and Couple O’ Cats. Available for iOS devices.

iSqueek. If your pooch loves the sound of squeaky toys, this iPhone app will get his tail wagging. The app gives you of squeaky balls/toys to choose from. Just press on the screen—or let your dog use his paw—and your phone happily squeeks away. Available for iOS devices.

Dog Boogie. This is another app that will appeal to dogs that are fascinated by certain sounds. Dog Boogie helps you use your phone to capture great photos of your pooch by emitting quirky sound effects. The idea is that these sounds grab your dog’s attention so you can snap away. Available for iOS devices.

Pet Tunes Canine Music. According to Pet Acoustics (the manufacturer), Pet Tunes provides “gentle orchestrations for sensitive canine ears to calm and soothe.” This music library can be paired to the music library in your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth connectivity.

Remember, new apps are constantly being developed, so any list of them can quickly become outdated. It’s best to check regularly to see what’s new, helpful, fun, and interesting in the markets for your device’s operating system.

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