Pointers are intelligent, energetic, and alert, although some may be full of nervous energy. As with other working breeds, the speed and endurance the Pointer gets from its hunting background means it needs physical and mental stimulation in the family environment. This can be achieved by reward-based training and participation in dog sports such as field trials, tracking, agility, and obedience.


The Pointer dates back to the mid 1600's in Europe where they were developed for hunting game. The fact that its origins are unknown is demonstrated by the many different varieties of Pointers today, such as short-haired, wire-haired and silky-coated. They are classified as a versatile gundog and can point, flush and retrieve from land or water. During hunts English Pointers were excellent at locating hares by pointing, which allowed the Greyhounds to hunt down the prey. Pointers also have a history of being used as falconers' dogs. The breed was brought to America in the late 1800's, where they quickly became popular. Pointers are even-tempered, happy dogs who like to live indoors as part of the family. Though Pointers are often called "English Pointers," there is no such registered breed and all are registered under the name of "Pointer" in the kennel clubs and breed registries.

Average Height

24-27 in.

Observed Weight

44-82 lbs.

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