Even though a Toy dog, the Mi-Ki is subject to the same requirements of soundness and structure prescribed for any other breed. The Mi-Ki is a diminutive, friendly, and alert Toy dog of lively action. They are compact, solid, and refined. These proud little dogs carry their head high with the tail curved over the back. Mi-Kis come in long coat and smooth coat varieties. The long coat has a flowing single coat with feathering on the legs, ears, and tail. Show the long coats in a separate class from smooth coat Mi-Kis. For all coat styles, clip the hair between the pads.


The Mi-Ki breed was developed in the United States and started gaining popularity in the 1980’s. The origins of the Mi-Ki breed remain unclear. One theory is that the dog was developed from a single breed from Asia, whereas another hypothesizes that it has developed from a complex mix of various toy dog breeds such as the Papillon, Maltese, Shih-Tzu and Japanese Chin. Either way, the breed has turned into an exceptional toy breed with excellent health, temperament, and longevity; the ultimate companion lap dog. Because of their unique genetic mixture, two coat varieties have derived within the breed: the long coat and the smooth coat.

Average Height

7-11 in.

Observed Weight

3-11 lbs.