Meaning "little lion" in German, the Löwchen is a small, bright, and lively dog. The breed’s trademark is their traditional "lion" trim, where the coat is left natural and untrimmed on the forequarters and clipped close to the skin on the hindquarters. Cuffs of hair around the ankles are left on all four legs and the tail is clipped except for a plume left on the base. All colors and color combinations are acceptable. Today, the Löwchen’s agility and quickness make them especially suited for the obedience and agility rings. The Lowchen is alert, intelligent, and affectionate with the overall qualities of a loving companion dog. It has a lively, outgoing, and inquisitive personality.


The Lowchen is related to the Bichon Frise. It is an old breed found in many countries around the sacred city of Lhasa, the 19th century and by the end of World War II the Lowchen was considered to be the rarest dog in the world. A Lowchen fancier named Madame Bennert is credited with saving the breed though extensive breeding efforts that began in 1945. Soon after the dog's numbers began to steadily increase, and during the late 1960's and early 1970's the breed was finally introduced to Great Britain and the United States. The breed is commonly referred to as the Little Lion due to its mane. The AKC recognized the Lowchen as a non-sporting dog in 1999. Despite breeding efforts, today the Lowchen remains one of the rarest breeds in the world.

Average Height

10-13 in.

Observed Weight

9-20 lbs.

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