A large, muscular breed, the Komondor is mostly known for its unusually dense, protective coat of heavy white cords that form naturally as the breed matures in age. The coat serves to cover vulnerable body parts in case of attack, helps him blend in with his flock and protects him from weather extremes. While he has been a working dog in Hungary for ten centuries, he is also found in the show and obedience rings in the United States.


Though the Komondor's origins are not certain, scholars believe the Komondor descends from the Russian Owtcharka, introduced to Hungary by the Huns during the 4th century. The strain of sheep known as Racka bred by the Hungarian Magyars is said to closely resemble the Komondor, allowing these dogs blend with the flocks they guard. The Komondor were so accomplished at protecting their sheep from predators that it is though they may have eliminated the wolf in Hungary. The Magyar kept the Komondor line steadfastly pure, and did not allow interbreeding. The Komondor didn't actually begin spreading to different countries until the 1920's when owners started entering the dogs in shows. The Komondor was introduced to the United States in 1933 and recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1937.

Average Height

26-35 in.

Observed Weight

57-100 lbs.

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