Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz


The Japanese Spitz is intelligent, cheerful and keen. They should not be noisy. This sturdy, supple, lively dog is cheerful, bold and clever. He is an affectionate pet. The Japanese Spitz is extremely wary of stangers and barks easily, making him a good "early warning" guard dog. Firm training is recommended. They require regular brushing and combing.


The small white Japanese Spitz resembles a small Samoyed or American Eskimo dog in appearance, and by 1950 was very popular in its origin country of Japan. A breed standard was first established by the Japan Kennel Club in 1948. Due to the destruction of the breed’s records during World War II, it is not clear whether the breed is actually descended from the miniaturization of either the Samoyed or American Eskimo Dog breeds, or whether it descends from the White German Spitz dogs that were introduced to Japan around 1920. Today the Japanese Spitz is established in many countries across the globe and is beginning to grow in popularity. This is probably because they are a good natured companion and an alert guard for the house.

Average Height

10-16 in.

Observed Weight

17-32 lbs.

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