English Foxhound

English Foxhound

English Foxhound


The English Foxhound’s stamina, good nose and determination make him a prized companion for foxhunters in both England and America. They are versatile dogs and can be trained to hunt almost any ground game. In appearance, the English Foxhound can be any good "hound color," which includes black, tan, and white, or any combination of these three. Although similar in appearance to his American Foxhound cousin, the English version is shorter and much more stout in appearance.


The exact origin of the English Foxhound is uncertain, but it is believed the breed was created in the late 1700's to supply hunters with a scent dog that would possess endless energy. A combination of the Greyhound for speed, the English Bulldog for tenacity and the Fox Terrier for hunting instinct was used to create what is now known as the English Foxhound. The Master of Foxhounds Association has kept pedigrees of English Foxhounds since the 18th century, making the English Foxhound the longest pedigreed breed. By the late 1800's, fox hunting became extremely popular and there were 150 packs of approximately 50 dogs registered in England. The English Foxhound was introduced to North America in the 1700's, where it was developed into the lighter and longer-legged American Foxhound. Since then, the English Foxhound has become quite rare in the United States never matching the popularity of the American Foxhound. The English Foxhound was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1909.

Average Height

21-25 in.

Observed Weight

32-67 lbs.

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