Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested


Chinese Crested dogs are playful, alert, and usually friendly. They are quite intelligent and can compete in dog sports such as agility and obedience as sport to provide physical and mental stimulation and strengthen their bond to their families. Their small size makes the Chinese Crested attractive to children; however, as with all dogs, extremely close supervision is needed to prevent accidental injury to the dog and its subsequently developing fear-based defensive aggression.


It is generally accepted that the Chinese Crested is a long established breed dating back to sixteenth-century China. However, some debate that the breed is actually the result of crossing the Chihuahua and the Mexican Hairless dogs, while others insist that the breed originates from Africa. Some even speculate that the breed came into existence in America in the late 19th century. While the origins of the Chinese Crested may be questionable, the breed's popularity is not. Famous individuals like Gypsy Rose Lee and her sister June Havoc were very involved in the promotion of the breed. The Chinese Crested received official American Kennel Club recognition in 1991.

Average Height

9-13 in.

Observed Weight

7-16 lbs.

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