Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier


Black Russian Terriers are intelligent, hard working, and calm. The Black Russian Terrier breed was only recently developed in the 1940s as a guard dog, and it is still used today in law enforcement. As the Black Russian Terrier is a rare breed, not much information is available on what dog sports it participates in other than agility and obedience. Black Russian Terriers were bred to have a good sense of smell, so they would likely do well in the sport of tracking and as members of search and rescue (and bomb detection) teams. A reward-based approach to training using motivational tools such as treats and favorite toys will strengthen the dog's bond with its family.


The Black Russian Terrier is a relatively new breed of dog, developed by the Soviet Red Army during the 1940's. The breed was originally intended to be part of the Russian military forces, with the goal being to create a dog that was large, strong, balanced,high-spirited and in possession of a wide range of abilities. The breed needed to be large and trainable for many situations, including harsh Russian winters. The Black Russian Terrier was created through the selective breeding of Airedales, Giant Schnauzers, Rottweilers and fourteen other breeds. The initial breeding of the Black Russian Terrier took place at the "Red Star" kennel club under the direction of Colonel G. Medvedev. During development of the breed the focus was on character and ability and, because of this, there is no standardized appearance associated with these dogs. The popularity of the Black Russian Terrier has spread throughout the Soviet Union, Europe and the United States. The breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2004.

Average Height

27-30 in.

Observed Weight

78-124 lbs.

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