Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren


Intelligent, energetic, hard-working, and alert dogs. Belgian Tervurens seem to enjoy dog sports such as agility, tracking, herding, flyball, sledding, and competitive obedience. Because of their sensitive nature, Belgian Tervurens respond best to reward-based training involving treats or favorite toys. Careful socialization may be needed to prevent or reduce fear-based aggression, especially around strangers.


There are four different Belgian Shepherd variations that are recognized by most kennel clubs. The Belgian Shepherds with long coats in any color but black are referred to as Belgian Tervurens. The ancestor dogs originated in the village of Tervuren during the Middle Ages. The founding pair is thought to have been two long-haired sheepdogs owned by a Mr. Corbeel and a Mr. Donhieux. The breed was originally developed to be a working dog and Tervurens are known for their herding skills and their keen ability for police work. However, in addition to being working animals, they can also be great pets and will defend their master’s lives with passion. Like the other Belgian Shepherds that were bred separately from one another, the breed standard for the Tervuren was established in 1893 by Professor Adolphe Reul at the Belgian School of Veterinary Sciences. While the breed’s numbers diminished during World Wars I and II, a surge of importation began in 1953 and the breed was re-established. In 1959, the breed received official American Kennel Club recognition under the name "Belgian Tervuren."

Average Height

22-26 in.

Observed Weight

40-83 lbs.