An old and distinct French breed of herding dog, the Beauceron is easily trained, faithful, gentle and obedient. The Beauceron coat can be seen in variations of black and tan. While relatively unknown outside of France, the breed is very old within the country. And while there are many sheep herding dogs in France, the Beauceron is the preferred choice due to its tireless work ethic.


The Beauceron is a herding breed from the “La Beauce” area around Paris in France. Although traditionally used as a farm dog to herd cattle and guard livestock, it was used in both the world wars for carrying messages, tracking people, finding wounded and carrying equipment. This versatile breed of dog is still being used in military and police work. Probably ancestrally related to the longer-coated Briard, the breed was developed solely in France and has only recently gained popularity in America, where it is recognized by the American Kennel Club as a Herding group breed.

Average Height

24-28 in.

Observed Weight

57-88 lbs.

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