Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Basset Hound


Basset Hounds are calm, intelligent, and usually friendly. These traits in addition to their keen sense of smell made the Basset Hound a good hunting dog. Although Basset Hounds tend to be less energetic than other breeds, their high level of endurance helps them compete in tracking, field trials, agility, rally, and traditional obedience as sport. The reputation of Basset Hounds as a good family dog allows them to be around children; however, as with all dogs, extremely close supervision is needed to prevent accidental injury to the child or dog and avoid the dog's subsequently developing fear-based defensive aggression. Rewards such as treats may be used in training, but should be broken into numerous small pieces to prevent weight gain.


Average Height

11-15 in.

Observed Weight

49-77 lbs.

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