Wisdom Panel – What does your dog’s DNA say?

Women holding brown and white dog

DNA testing for dogs? Yes! Just like with humans, genetic testing can unlock great insights to help you with your dog’s training, healthcare and even nutrition. At Wisdom Panel,  we’ve tested more than 1,000,000 dogs and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two about how important it can be. So why would you want to test your dog?

Did you bring home a new dog from the shelter? Chances are the shelter staff took a good guess at your dog’s breed, but it turns out visual identification is only accurate about 25% of the time—even by professionals! By testing your dog’s DNA and identifying the breeds in his ancestry, you can identify your dog’s behavioral tendencies and develop a training program that works with your pup helping both of you transition into a new life together.

“But my dog is purebred; I don’t need to know the breeds in her ancestry.” True, but what about her health? Genetic testing can also identify more than 150 disease-causing mutations found in pure and mixed-breed dogs, such as potentially life-threatening drug sensitivity mutation, MDR1. A simple at-home, swab test can provide you and your veterinarian with an extensive report on your dog’s genetic health for proactive care.

Don’t forget about nutrition. Bringing a new puppy into your house comes with lots of new adventures and questions, a big one being…well…how big will he get? Genetic testing can provide you with a predicted weight profile based on the breeds found in your new puppy. You and your vet can use this information to make a plan for his nutritional needs or if you have a fully-grown dog, make necessary adjustments to get him onto the ideal nutritional plan.

So while it’s true that dogs may not be able to talk, their genetics can tell us quite a bit. Ancestry information, health screening, weight management and more, all with a simple swab of the cheek! To learn more and order a DNA test for your dog, visit www.WisdomPanel.com today!

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