Give Your Dog a Healthy Valentine

dog owner teaching commands

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you might be tempted to give your canine pal a special treat or two. As tempting as it is to sneak him a piece of Valentine’s candy, don’t give in. Sugar is high in calories and chocolate is toxic for dogs.

If you choose commercial treats, stick to those that are low in sugar, sodium, and fat. Better yet, try substituting healthier treats in their place. You might be surprised how much your dog likes them.

5 Healthy Valentines Treats

Dogs, like humans, enjoy a range of taste sensations: They especially love crunchy, sweet, and savory snacks. Here are 5 delicious choices that can easily be found in a typical kitchen.

  1. Carrots: Bite-size baby carrots are a good choice—or slice whole carrots into thin, two-inch sticks.
  2. Baked canned dog food: Choose your dog’s favorite food, slice it, and bake at 350°F until crispy.
  3. Popcorn: Be sure to hold the butter and salt. Goes great when you and your dog are watching your favorite pooch flick.
  4. Green Beans: Choose either frozen, raw, or canned, no-salt-added green beans.
  5. Chunks of apple and banana: Many dogs love the taste of fruit. Just slice and serve.

Remember, your dog can’t open the pantry or freezer to get himself a snack. What he eats is up by you. So, choose wisely. As always, make sure treats don’t make up more than 10% of your dog’s daily caloric intake. And keep in mind that treats don’t always need to be the edible variety: your dog will also love a new chew toy or an extra-long game of fetch.

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