2018 World’s Cutest Rescue Pet

Congratulations to PEOPLE MAGAZINE’S 2018 World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Winner and runners up. Check out our rescue winners’ tales of love, hope and happily ever after.

2018 World’s Cutest Rescue Pet Winner – Penny

With her passport stamped, Penny’s journey began with the help of Kyra’s Rescue. Facing an unknown future and the loss of an eye, this loveable pup was whisked out of Turkey to begin her new life in the United States. Shortly after her arrival, she found her forever family in Virginia—in fact, she arrived on a very special birthday for her human mom! Penny’s life didn’t just change that day, but she changed the lives of her human family. Penny has helped her 12-year-old human sister, Kate, control her type 1 diabetes by keeping her active and healthy and has brought out 10-year-old Nora’s loveable, compassionate and playful side. From mom to dad and two sisters, Penny’s life wasn’t just rescued that fateful day—but she rescued the lives of her forever family too.


Meet Rex, a yellow lab mix who is always on the go living his life to the fullest! Although born with a disability that left him without the use of his front legs, Rex has never let that stop him. He loves to swim, with a life jacket of course, and enjoys scooting around on his cart. The love and joy Rex shares is contagious as he proves day after day that no disability will slow him down. Follow Rex’s inspirational story on his very own Facebook page!

5 years ago, Keller’s future looked bleak. She was born deaf, her vision was impaired and her breeder was threatening to put her down because no one would want a “broken dog”. Thankfully, the breeder turned her over to a rescue and Keller was adopted at 7 weeks. Her new human mom, Amanda, quickly realized that Keller was a pretty normal dog and very smart. After some training and learning about each other, Keller and Amanda can communicate with over 70 hand signals. In fact, both now travel the country showcasing Keller’s talents in agility contests and teaching others what special needs dogs are capable of, and that they need forever homes too.

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